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The best hand-held loupe you have ever looked through!

We will be in Geneva for SIHH:
get in touch if you would like to see us.

The silicone rubber version of our loupes will be 10% off until the end of the show!



can our loupes do

Discover what models and magnification factors we offer, find out what you can do with our loupes, and see what accessories are available for them.


are they the best

Learn what sets our loupes apart from the competition, read why they are recognized as being the best ones available on the market, and see which companies are already using them.



can you buy them

Access our on-line store, and see the complete list of our world-wide retailers.


do you use them

Find out how to use your loupe, see how to change its rubber tops, learn how to clean it, and watch how to install it on its macro-photography mounts.



makes them

Read about the history of Loupe System
and who is behind making our loupes.


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