MB&F + Loupe System present "Project LpX" 0 Comments

Loupe System and MB&F teamed up to create the limited edition Project LpX. These rocket ships offer dust-free storage of up to three Loupe System loupes, but do much more than that while sitting on a desk looking pretty: Project LpX is a smile-on-your-face reminder of the space-themed stories many of us read as a child.

Instructions for the Loupe System Light Ring accessory 0 Comments

The instructions for the assembly, use and troubleshooting of the Loupe System Light Ring accessory can be found by CLICKING HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please read all sections of these instructions very carefully before attempting to use or mount the Light Ring on your loupe!

How to use your loupe 0 Comments

While using a loupe will be obvious to some, it may not necessarily be second nature to everyone. To ensure that you get the best optical performance out of your Model 01 or Model 02 loupe, please ensure that you observe these very simple points:

- Make sure that the large opening is facing the object you are looking at, and that the small opening is facing your eye.

- Remove your eyeglasses, if you wear any.

- Bring the loupe as close to the eye as possible, with the silicone rubber top resting against your eyebrow.

- Move the object towards the loupe until you find the proper focusing distance for your vision.

- Always keep the lenses of your loupe clean! Instructions on how to safely do this can be found here.

If you need it, you can find an electronic version of the user guide which is shipped with all our loupes here.


Cleaning your loupe 0 Comments

The surfaces of each lens in your loupe have had several special coatings applied to them during manufacturing, which are designed to maximize contrast, color saturation and color fidelity, while minimizing flare.  While the last coating which gets applied is a special anti-scratch coating, the lens surfaces can nevertheless get scratched eventually, and as such, when cleaning your loupe, it’s always a good idea to be gentle.


Removing the top from your loupe 0 Comments

Removing the top element from your loupe is very simple!

If you have the normal, tall top on your loupe, press the top edge of the rubber inward with your thumb, so that a gap appears along its bottom edge, then with the other fingers of the same hand gently lift up the rubber top.  The silicone will stretch around the mounting flange, and the top will easily come off. 

If you have the flat top on your loupe, place your thumb on the flat portion of the rubber top, and then use the tips of your fingers (or the fingernails) of the same hand to gently lift the rubber top up from the edge between it and the middle element of the loupe.  The silicone will stretch around the mounting flange, and the top will easily come off.

Our thanks to Adi Soon from Revolution for the great video!

Putting back the top on your loupe 0 Comments

Putting the top element back on your loupe is very simple! 

Make one edge of the bottom lip set into the grove of the optical block, and hold it there with your thumb. Then gently accompany the rest of the rubber top along the edge by pulling slightly outwards so that the rubber can enter the grove; at one point, the rest will just snap in place.

Our thanks to Adi Soon from Revolution for the great video!