How to use your loupe 0 Comments

While using a loupe will be obvious to some, it may not necessarily be second nature to everyone. To ensure that you get the best optical performance out of your Model 01 or Model 02 loupe, please ensure that you observe these very simple points:

- Make sure that the large opening is facing the object you are looking at, and that the small opening is facing your eye.

- Remove your eyeglasses, if you wear any.

- Bring the loupe as close to the eye as possible, with the silicone rubber top resting against your eyebrow.

- Move the object towards the loupe until you find the proper focusing distance for your vision.

- Always keep the lenses of your loupe clean! Instructions on how to safely do this can be found here.

If you need it, you can find an electronic version of the user guide which is shipped with all our loupes here.


Mounting your loupe on the iPhone® case for the first time 0 Comments

When you first mount your Loupe System loupe onto a new Black or White iPhone® mount, you may find that the fit is tight, and that the loupe does not quite go all the way into the mount.  This is normal for a new mount, as the mounting flange of the iPhone® case will get smoother over time, and we did not want the loupe being at risk of just slipping out once that happens.

In order to properly mount the loupe on your iPhone® case, you should push the loupe in as far as it goes, and then grip the iPhone® case with one hand and the loupe with the other (for the loupe, you may get a better grip by using a slightly humid microfiber cleaning cloth).  Then twist the loupe back and forth, while at the same time pushing it further and further into the mount, until the edge of the loupe meets the edge of the mounting case.  What is essential in this process is the twisting motion more than the force pushing the loupe in, though you obviously do have to push the loupe into the mount as you twist.

You may notice that some powder will come out of the mount as you do this - this is normal, and the rubbing that causes it will not damage the loupe in any way.  However, do not forget to clean the optics of your loupe after this process, first by just blowing the dust away and then with the microfiber cloth we provided with the case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance in properly fitting your loupe to its iPhone® mount!

Our thanks to Adi Soon from Revolution for the great video!

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