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Accessory - Double Mount - iPhone® 12 Pro Max

130.00   USD

Turn your loupe into an exceptional macro-photography lens for your iPhone® 12 Pro Max!

This double mount is designed to let you place the loupe either in front of the iPhone® 12 Pro Max's "Wide" camera lens or in front of the "Tele" camera lens, in function of the desired magnification factor. The "Ultra Wide" camera will not work with the loupe, and is partially blocked by this mount.

Since the standard Apple camera app will not let you choose which specific camera to address, you will need to use one of the many free third-party camera apps available in the App Store to use the loupe with the "Tele" camera lens of your iPhone®.

Sturdy but flexible 3D printed case in ABS material dyed black.

Limited stock available.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Currently unavailable