What can our loupes do


Show you a whole watch at once

Our loupes are delivered with two interchangeable, food-grade silicone rubber top elements. The first one gives a 40mm-wide viewing field on the 6x Model 01 and 60mm on the 3x Model 02, while the second one - shown on the left - places the eye closer to the loupe, thus providing a wider 50mm viewing field on Model 01 and an exceptional 70mm on Model 02.

All these values are much wider than what you can get using normal 6x and 3x loupes.

Take macro photos & videos

All our loupes can be mounted on your iPhone® or iPad® — and very soon on any other phone or tablet — so you can take advantage of their superb optics to easily shoot great-looking macro photos and video.

Click here to see unretouched samples of photos and videos taken with our 6x Model 01 loupe.


Shed light on things

Our rechargeable light system accessory (patent pending) can be mounted on all of our loupes — obviously including all the ones we already sold! — without altering their shape and size.

Offering both 4000K white light and/or UV light, it works with either USB power or its own internal batteries to provide light on the go.

Due to its design, the light remains fully operational when the loupe is mounted on a telephone or a tablet, thus providing an ideal ring light for macro photography work.

Make an instant live display

Use our free-standing iPad® mount and one of our loupes to get an instant live display.

Easily explain to someone the inner workings of a watch movement, or use AirPlay® to broadcast the live image of a watch to a wall-mounted screen during an event.


Let you take your watches with you

Each loupe is delivered with its second top rubber element, a microfiber storage pouch, a padded carry case, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

All elements are packed in an ABS waterproof case, which can be transformed into a four-watch travel case via the alternate foam inserts provided.

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