Why are our loupes the best

Many brands trust them

We wish we could list all of our clients on our web site, but this small selection should give you a good idea of who is already relying on our loupes for quality control, appraisals, gifts, and sales support.

Client feedback and reviews are great

"I don't know how I could ever go back to using a conventional loupe."

"Clarity, color and light transmission are remarkable. ... you have changed the entire concept of what a loupe can do."

"... absolutely brilliant loupe combined with brilliant packaging, presentation, and service."

"... cette loupe est une merveille d'efficacité -- merci encore."

Read the Loupe System Model 01 review on HODINKEE


They are built like camera lenses

Our Model 01 loupe provides 6x magnification through five multi-coated optical glass elements arranged in three groups, while our Model 02 achieves 3x magnification using four multi-coated optical glass elements also arranged in three groups.

Both were designed according to the same principles and requirements as a prime camera lens.

They offer very high resolution

Our 6x Model 01 loupe, for example, is capable of resolving much more detail than the eye can see — well over 30 lp/mm @ MTF 0.8, versus 5-10 lp/mm at best for the human eye.

Due to its sophisticated design, it provides a very bright, contrasted and crystal-clear viewing field... from edge to edge!


They show a perfect image

The complete absence of chromatic aberration, combined with a very tight control over geometric distortion, provide a breath-taking viewing experience which has never been achieved before in a hand-held loupe.

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