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Accessory - Mount - iPhone® 7 Plus - Black

90.00   USD

Turn your loupe into an exceptional macro-photography lens for your iPhone® 7 Plus!

We had originally planned to make a double bayonet mount available for the iPhone® 7 Plus, so that you would be able to choose which of the two camera lenses to use with the loupe in function of the desired magnification factor.  

However, based on our testing, it seems that when the "Tele" camera lens and/or the light sensor are covered, the Apple Camera App automatically switches to using only the "Wide" camera lens. This makes it impossible  at least for the moment  to use an additional lens in conjunction with the iPhone® 7 Plus' "Tele" lens.

This mount is therefore designed to place the loupe in front of the iPhone® 7 Plus' "Wide" camera lens.

Sturdy but flexible 3D printed case in black ABS material.

In stock.

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