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Rechargeable Light Ring Accessory for our 3x, 6x or 10x Loupes

385.00   USD


PLEASE NOTE: Before using your Light Ring, make sure that you have fully read the Loupe System Light Ring Accessory Usage and Installation Instructions (click here to access them).

The Loupe System v3 Light Ring accessory can be mounted on all our loupes (6x Model 01, 3x Model 02, or 10x Model 03), simply by replacing the loupe's current middle ring and bottom rubber element.

The v3 Light Ring, which is covered in 3K weave matt carbon fiber, provides three different user-selectable light settings for the loupe:

  • Light mode 1: 4,000K neutral white light only (adjustable from 5% to 100% intensity).

  • Light mode 2: 4,000K neutral white light (adjustable from 5% to 100% intensity) plus 365-370um UV light (always at 100% intensity).

  • Light mode 3: 365-370um UV light only (adjustable from 5% to 100% intensity).

UV light intensity on our v2 and v3 Light Rings has been increased to 220% compared to out v1 Light Ring, by the doubling of the number of UV LEDs present in the ring, and a small increase in their driving current.

The v3 Light Ring contains two custom-molded single-cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo) rechargeable batteries, each connected to its own dedicated charge/discharge circuit.  These batteries are charged using one of the two supplied USB cables, which should be plugged into any USB wall charger, computer port or power bank.

The v3 Light Ring accessory comes packaged in a waterproof and air-tight shipping case, designed to protect it during storage and shipment. The shipping case is also designed to have its inner foam element removed, so that it can be used as safe waterproof storage for electronics and other delicate items while boating or going to the beach.

The following items are packed together in each shipping case:

  • The light ring itself, with its matte carbon fiber outer shell already mounted on it.

  • Both a short (60cm / 2ft) and a long (3m / 10ft) USB charging cable.

  • A transparent silicone bottom element for your loupe.

  • A UV light warning label.

  • A thank you card pointing you to the installation and usage instructions (click here to read them).

Please note that a loupe is NOT included. This item is intended for people who already own a Loupe System loupe, and who wish to add the v3 Light Ring to it. Please click here for a specially-priced bundle consisting of one of our loupes and a v3 Light Ring factory-installed on it.

Out of stock. Current ETA Q4 2021.

Currently unavailable